August 20, 2011

greece is near, but so is bulgaria hmm.

weekend is here. VV & spouse & friends are arriving to Istanbul today so im waiting for that. i have plans for taking them out tonight in Taksim.

yesterday Maiju invited me for a Moda seaside picnic (about 800m from here) with her friends. Senni went to Canakkale so her friend Anna was left in my custody :) so i invited Anna to join and Melisa as well... this Finnish theme seems to be persistent.

doctor's phone seems broken too, he was trying to update the his HTC desire and that didnt go so well. he is using an old Siemens and i am on a Nokia 1110. so we are very alike. only i seem to be affected, nothing puts him down, small setbacks like this at least. he remains optimistic and cheery somehow. it balances my skepticism well i think.

Turkey is opening an embassy in Somalia to help distribute aid and PM Erdogan visited Mogadishu. and Turkish army has been attacking PKK in Iraq. thats it for news from Turkey.

we are thinking of going to Thessalonica with Melisa when Bayram holiday starts next week. Atatürk was from Thessalonica, too. the area was a part of the Ottoman empire back then.

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