August 21, 2011

minimalist sunday

on weekends i definitely like to retreat to my happy-couch. i always wanted a couch but couldnt fit one in my flat. if i lived very minimalist life, i could have, but i got so much furniture and stuff... trade offs...

some very cool photos. lots of them.

i especially like pics such as these guy in a room of records Burj Khalifa being built livingroom raising questions some place somewhere

i havent been reading much lately besides my National Geographic magazines. of course this trend is very old...since i got swallowed by the internet (completely) around 2003, things havent been the same in general. still, its a bit sad. i browse some books occasionally but i cant finish.

i watched Predators. sure enough, although it has an "international cast" the main guy is an american black op's guy (Adrien Brody). true hero, has no fear and behaves like a leader. the 'foreigners', then. the yakuzais dioriented and useless until he diws in battle and saves another life. the russian character is dumb. there are a couple americans of which one is annoying idiot (a death row inmate) and another just neutral (so he could be safely killed). the african guy gets killed soon enough as does the mexican drug cartel enforcer. the other main character is a female and she is from the Israeli Defense Forces. also she is the most emphathetic of all the characters. and they bring info on her background, apparently just before the events in the movie, she saw her brother being killed while they were at war, and she didnt help him in order to not be "slaughtered" herself. it does sound like they are up against a real dangerous monster, the israelis. in the end Adrien Brody and the girl are left together, as a team, both saving each others lives.

i have heard of some "jewish conspiracy theories" but this is the first time i see anything with my own eyes that gives me that idea all by itself. im a little saddened actually, i had brushed the idea off as paranoia, as most people who explained the theory to me where more less against the jews to begin with. i consider myself neutral definitely, i dont agree with everything the state of israel has done lately but the state and the people are not the same thing. not all jews agree with what has been done either, with the new settlements etc. aaaanyway. so if a movie must have an american main character to be popular or interesting at all for the american audience, okay. and its nice if the 2nd lead character is foreign, and they become buddies. due to the "Situation" in Israel/Palestine and how US in involved i found this team of 2 and related details more than a little subjective and biased to directly give viewers some ideas about who is "good" and who is "bad", when the reality isnt quite that black white. but so if i could choose, who should the american team up with in a plot like this? while its not realistic at all for this to pass for the american audience and producers, i suggest Cuba, China, Pakistan or any random eastern european country (yes, i just bundle them like that). that would make me happy. a smart, strong female lead character from Pakistan. or perhaps a BLACK, smart, strong female character from Kenya. maybe Vietnamese, that would be something?

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