August 28, 2011

ins and outs

i havent been taking even snapshots much lately. i blame it on the phone-mess, depression with one technical equipment leads to lack of satisfaction with all, a feeling of insuffient connection with technology. so ive grown distant to my camera. yeah i blame it on the phone problem.

last night VV& buddies wanted to go to a turkish disco. i was about to say there simply arent ANY on the asian side but then someone mentioned Kaรงamak. Nilla took them there. soon after they returned. it was a turkish pop bar, but there were plenty of prostitues and apparently in general not that great of a plce. well, someone did try to tell me its not a good place but how should i know what that means. but i assured they can find turkpop bars in Taksim when they go there.

wonderfully charismatic bunny

so i asked Maiju to come with me to Bulgaria. she agreed so we should go buy the train tickets tomorrow. i am now checking out contacts, old and new, in Sofia. although Ploldiv might be interesting to go to as well. we just dont have much time.

also now that i know there is another vacation in November, i am wondering where i could go then. flights are pretty expensive everywhere. thats depressing.

for October, i just noticed that suddenly Atlas Jet has cheap flights from Tehran to Istanbul, 103e. we could obviously save money by crossing border with busses and shared taxis and flying to Istanbul from Van. but the lost time... going there by train has a purpose but takes time, so coming back i would prefer fast commuting. doctor just said he might want to swim in the Caspian Sea. me googled. well, it seems doable, assuming the sea is safe to swim at all. i better google that too. and now im back to the Iranian Visa site, i guess sthey are like a travel agency that provides an invitation. im now wondering was that part really necessary. maybe so. my turn to sweat over the visa, then. the world is divided and we are on the opposite sides with doctor.

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