August 30, 2011

i will drive

a family of fortune telling bunnies.

today is a something like christmas day in the west. ramadan ended and today is officially, hmm, some sort of major party day to celebrate that. people cook, visit family, kids get presents. i am upset that the pedicure-salon is closed. hopefully its open tomorrow.

but what is great is that i went to Heybeliada island with Senni yesterday. the island was really warm, especially today, around 30C maybe. it was like a tiny greek village, 2 streets of shops and restaurants and then just villas of people who live there. nothing else. oh and a few overpriced bed and breakfasts. we stayed overnight in one that had a stinky bathroom (mold?), for 75tl. but it was very relaxing, we could just sit there and eat well, buy a wine and look at the sea and Istanbul's lights. its like another world although its so close to the city. no wonder istanbullers like to go there on the weekends and holidays. when we left today after breakfast the incoming boats where completely full.

view of istanbul from Heybeliada

half-eaten turkish breakfast. olives, cheese, bread, marmelades, honey, a few slices of tomatoe and cucumber and a kind of omelette (menemen).

the beach boulevard of Heybeliada in the evening.

yesterday we made another visit to Vodafone too. doctor came with us and supposedly the iphone is now permanently registered (not just for 6 months as for tourists). however, my sim card still doesnt work in it. im trying to stay calm. and i realized that my sim does probably not have roaming enabled, which would be nice when im going to bulgaria. to enable it, one should call the customer service. today is bayram=national holiday so i doubt it can be done.

and i lost my debit card yesterday as well. the cash machines here usually give cash before card and i knew one day i would forget the card. doctor helped me call Akbank, had to use the turkish customer serice because the english one wasnt (naturally) functional somehow. maybe hey just left on holiday and forgot about it. anyway i managed to close the card. but since this week is holiday, i wonder when i will get the new card...hahah.

finally, i also signed up for a driving school yesterday. they gave a book and the 5 previous theory exams, as they circulate the same questions around. not that i understand any of that. but i will have the translator at the exam. the theory exam is at the end of october and driving exam at the end of november, so i should show up for those 2 things. well, i should also get my passport and degree translated and notarized, and get a health report saying im healthy enough to drive. 100tl/40tl each approximately. in the driving exam i apparently have to drive a bit in the traffic though but i guess i can manage it. i figure im finnish so im almost related to Kimi Räikkö

the driving school class. they have a car engine in the class room.

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