August 31, 2011

tickets for XS size adventure

today has been lazy. i had some plans about going out and shopping but none of that happened. instead i had doctor cut my hair a bit. i figured itll be just as good as if a local hairdresser lays his own vision on it, they never listen to what i say.

now im packing for the bulgaria trip. 2 nights in a train, 1 night in Sofia and 1 night in Plovdiv. short cute trip. to my disappointment bulgaria is not in the eurozone :( Maiju was supposed to join me on this trip but she cancelled on monday (family emergencies) and returned her ticket, so im going alone after all. but thats okay. i have some contact now and im sure i will meet people and enjoy the time alone too :)

last night we went out for a few drinks with VV& friends, it was their last night in turkey, today they have returned to finland. it seemed like they enjoyed the trip which is the most important thing.

im really excited about the train. and its been a while that i went anywhere alone. well, except Dubai but i stayed with Anas there so it doesnt count.

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