September 01, 2011


arriving at the train station over 2h late, seeing the broken down soviet style buildings, empty shops and general decay, I was a bit confused. then I realized that it probably makes sense and matches what everyone has told me. I went to a small fast-food shop as there were no restaurants, and got a sausage for breakfast. they heated it in the microwave oven. I tried to buy a ticket for a Plovdiv train tomorrow but it totally didn't work. the pay phones didn't work either, or I failed to understand them. too tired to fight my way to the hostel, I called them for a pick up (4e). once I got there and found free wifi, cheap food and drinks, life started feeling awesome.

the train trip itself was fine. no restaurant car though. 3 girls in our sleeping compartment, clean sheets and pillows and about 5 wake ups in the middle of the night due to customs and border formalities. I was ok with all that. I also impressed the train employee with my Turkish.

I'm meeting Lora in a few hours but now im just going to eat like crazy. cheap pork.


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