August 12, 2011

thinking back...

this rally from Germany to Azerbaijan looks cool. a friend from finland just notified me that him and his buddies are participating inthis. there is a stopover in Istanbul so maybe we can meet up. but its a pretty crazy long rally, im excited even though im not

somehow i ended up reading an article at the articles and titles there gave me a weird feeling, they seem to all be bashing muslims under different headers. the about-page maybe opens the background a little. im not a fan of extremists in any form, be it muslim or jew or christian. writing articles with such a tainted and simplified tone is just pitiful. i tinkim lucky i cant ready the radical newspapers here in turkey, i might just explode, im sure they have pretty 'interesting' views too.

jesus h christ one of my distant fb friends is dumb. why id it even worth mentioning? im just so shocked. he is a professional in his own field which i guess naively gives some extra points in my mind and has me expecting a little more of their intellext. but the center-of-the-world behavior combined with idiotic bitching on religion and whatnot and obnoxious behavior are so appalling. its funny, cos im certainly capable of being a judgemental bitch too, but i dont really tolerate it in others. hmm.

getting ready to rock the party tonight. as if i was still 15. but i didnt rock any parties back then, did i?

in fact i didnt go out much when i was 15. i went to a few local concerts in Heinola and Lahti. the new wave of punk was a big thing for me. but living in the country side didnt give me a lot of options to go anywhere. the amount of busses passing my village was very small. 2 or 3 in the morning and the same in the afternoon. at home i was watching a lot of movies, writing novels with my typewriter, talking on the phone with my closest friends and ...i think that way maybe it. a few years earlier i still had some more artistic hobbies; drawing, modeling clay and legos. and tetris on gameboy. but thats not artistic. i was just very good at it. around that time i also memorized 300 decimals of π (pi). i also memorized all kinds of other stuff... i wonder if that was a sdign of early onset obsessive-compulsiveness or something :)

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