September 18, 2011

dancing through saturday

something very confusing has happened over the past months. ive been just waiting to see what happens. early this summer i started waking up around the time my alarm goes off. i found it weird. wondered if it was about the noises outside, sunshine etc. but it kept happening...  and upon waking up i wasnt too tired. this has been freaky. of course i know the same thing happens to plenty of people...  but i was never one of them. since childhood i was the one to whom mornings were pure hell, regardless of how little or long i slept. mornings have always been really painful. and not the same way as people usually describe - everyones tired in the morning, supposedly. and now, i am still getting that if i dont sleep enough, i feel tired. but this is nothing compared to how i used to feel...  those painful mornings...  well, i just really avoided mornings. and now this...  waking up around 8:15, even if im planning to get up an hour later?? wtf? im not sure how i feel. i suppose i feel good but still confused.

after 15 years of high heels my feet are finally starting to develop bunions. but its really slight still, cant really notice looking from the top, but from a side angle i see a bumb. well, it was well due... no can do.

i put my "white" bathrobe in the washing machine with chloride. couldnt understand the instructions so i put some in both the detergent and softener trays...

Britain and Irelands Next Top Model is a bit odd. doesnt really follow the format of the original. it feels home made and makes me feel embarrassed for them...? actually seems to be like an Elle McPherson Show but she is not that natural on camera nor interesting. i like her otherwise, well, from what i know.

i decided to record my botox experience with photos this time. i took a photo of my frown and eye wrinkles right after the shots as the effect will kick in later. i can see the small red injection marks on the photos. its actually really something to see the skin up close in a photo (instead of mirror). looks like i need to pluck m brows too. ops :) i think the sun here is starting to get to my skin.. its starting to look older, faster. somehow i dont mind much. the amount of freckles is something though! wow :D

the effect on emotions worked last time and maybe the effect was even half-permanent, i dont think i find myself frowning as much anymore. or perhaps im imagining. so obviously i felt like making sure... getting my eyebrows to stay where i want them - automatically - doesnt hurt....:)

the waiting room of Flavius in Göztepe. its ..umm, a pretty fancy place. i feel very out of place there.

i decided to give this british crime drama series a try. its called Luther. i started from season 2. looking good. i like the way british drama is always so serious and almost realistic, in comparison to its american counterparts.

the internet was cut again. no idea why - maybe they are doing some work like last week. but so that means i called Dürak Büfe again to get a kumpir. calling is usually a bit messy...  they ask questions...and i have sometimes trouble understanding them over the phone...  but he seemed to know me, remembered my address. its getting better anyway.

ive been wearing this necklace a lot. bought it from Bulgaria. 5e.

checking out some shoes on my way home.

this guy was sleeping by our doorsteps when i came home today. i seemed to wake him up.

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