September 20, 2011

this week is my runway!

i got an sms from doctor today. nice to hear from him while he is at his prep course...except when the message says "there was a blast next to the building".... :( he was fine obviously but its still pretty scary. 3 people died in the bomb and 15 injured (HD 20.9). so close.

public transport was free until 1 o'clock yesterday due to it being the first day of school.. they were expecting horrible traffic jams. tried to promote public transport. it was popular but traffic was even more so... apparently a chaos ensued. 2.3 million students suddenly on the move at the same time... im lucky i take the ferry.

work is...busy busy busy. will probably stay that way. but as long as i am multitasking 10 things and most of them are interesting i think im happy. the stress is one risk. and learning about people managing can be tough. but i also love having people around again, new people almost every day, Ola is at the office everyday now though. Ola is swedish and has a fulltime job now which is going well and that makes me happy too. it makes me really cheery to have company at the office, and i like teaching too - which new writers need.

today i almost got a headache from some wordpress plugins & server issues, but actually not from the issues but from trying to follow some advice on how to fix the probs... uh. i learned a lot.

and im starting with Project Runway season 9! nicely fancy & empty. i seem to need brain freezing every evening. broccoli soup helps too :)

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