September 21, 2011

sandwich girl

i decided to try 2 new apps. okay so they are new, that explains a lot.

fribi - its about giving away your extra stuff for free. you kind of put an ad in the app, obviously its location based... its just yeeeeet another app that might (MIGHT) one day be useful - but for now its probably used by 10 ppl in NYC, and another 10 in SF and 5 in London... okay so i sound bitter? the closest item i found was in Cyprus. i guess im just unlucky cos i live in this little village of 13+mil ppl... if the app grows and turks start using it, id really like. i think its a great idea. but its only available for iPhones now. minus.

gowalla - some kind of travel app. it seems designed for everyday use, but then again its for travel...actually i have no fuckin idea. thats not good. it has a 'tips' section but its messy, then theres 'trips'...there are losts of things or places, i dunno. its tiring to try to understand the app. so im not gonna bother. very fail.

Foursquare has been great but its not really for social people because 'checkin-in' is not social... its embarrassing, fiddling the phone when ur with other people.

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