September 23, 2011

i promise tomorrow is a cleaning day

so many new tv series starting now... i was surprised. i started checking them out randomly, without any info.

New Girl - very nice Friends type comedy of flatmates, 3 guys 1 girl (Zooey Deschanel being much fun). i can totally watch this.

Unforgettable - a detective series. main lead is a woman who has perfect (abnormal) memory. and the male lead is her ex.

Playboy Club - a kind of drama...about a lawyer and Playboy bunnies? somehow i get a feeling its an ad for Playboy mag cos their sales are going down r something. there are speeches with Hef's voice about how playboy bunnies were like in the front line of feminism back in the 60s or whenever, free to do what they want and so. still, kind of ok series.

Person of Interest - a kind of one man police mission, saving people. good guys chasing bad guys. somewhat interesting although soooo predictable.

Prime Suspect - another police detective series! Mario Bello! and many other familiar faces. its a little different, not CSI, not close. very real and nice that way. real office politics, real chauvinism at work, real humor. but i love Maria Bello.

The Fades - fantasy horror....skiiip

The Secret Circle - a teenage witchcraft show. kind of amusing, but i am not SO teenager anymore.

Revenge - supposedly a drama... Hamptons, crooked relationships, horrible pasts... and revenge. well, not my thing, this.

2 Broke Girls - a diner comedy about 2 girls. kinda ok. but im not hooked yet.

CSI season 12 started too. Ted Danson, woah?

im happy block heels are coming back this fall. I haven't been buying many shoes lately but if there will be a great variety of block heels in shops I might look into it.
damn, the local pizza place (Domino's) has a discount in the late hours. gotta get one.

i should see Le Havre - i just finally saw the trailer now. i have a feeling i would like it.

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