September 30, 2011

rainy and cold - just for the record

LinkedIn is from hell. its not about how useful it is for some, its none of my business. but i just had to login there for something and the interface is just as horribly confusing as it ever was. then, i had to login like 3 i send a message, then click "messages" and it asks me to login again?? and the push to add all my email contacts to LinkedIn...  it almost looked like a login-screen so i nearly fell for it. every 2nd page was suggesting to ADD MORE CONTACTS. LinkedIn is like a hungry desperate beast starving for lunch. it feeds on my contacts. well im sorry, its a NO! removing contacts was a hard feature to find too. the designers have made sure most people wont have the patience to find the 'remove' button.

tonight me and some co-workers plus doctor are going to a cafe in Beyoglu. one of them owns the cafe so we all wanna see it.

tomorrow there is the fundraising party organized by the Green Party. i was invited to do the punch so thats what i will do :)

its the first weekend in a long time that me and doctor will be together...

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