September 06, 2011

time issue here

i havent had time (supposedly) to blog. when i got home on Sunday morning from the trip i had time to sit my ass down and watch CSI NY for a few hours though. and then i got started with Apprentice UK, season 7.

doctor was working on sunday, and monday morning he went to library from there... so basically we saw each other late last night for the first time after my trip. busy times. last night i also went out to show kadiköy to an american guy i met on the train. just an after work drink kinda thing, since he was a tourist in the town for a couple days.

today doctor called Vodafone and i guessed they pressed a special button and OH MY GOD my turkish SIM finally worked on my iPhone. it only took 3+ weeks, 6 visits to the shop, a few calls, new useless phone line for 70tl, and some pushing by the doctor. but yeah, it seems to work now. fr now. turkey is squishing me, and if the next time comes i might just humble down and buy the phone from turkey.

at work ive been crazy busy, especially yesterday, with a zillion emails waiting, projects waiting to be assigned to writers... and checking our website and whether the programmer had made the additions we asked for and fixed bugs...and then continuing the content writing work with it and yea, basically a lot of things. the good news is that there is more work now and i got to hand it around to people (who work on freelance basis). what i found problematic was that i could send txt messages from Skype but people cant respond to those, and the physical Skype phone at the office is tied to a swedish number so its not like anyone would call me back to that... the hectic job schedules just mean that i need to assign the projects to people asap...and its frustrating if i cant get a hold of them or they dont have a proper way of getting a hold of me. so today i got my co-workers old Nokia and the local boss Kagan got me a new phone line. Turkcell allows sending cheap sms from their website but the login process is hideously complicated (with a password being sent as sms every time) so i think i might just have to write sms the old fashioned way. but i gotta say this particular Nokia model is a classic, very logical and nice to use.

some pics from my trip. i put the rest in flickr.... my collection of travel snapshot seems to be growing... it seems to be quantity, not quality :)

Sofia train station - big and fancy

a salad menu. all the menus in Bulgaria looked great.

some kind of ruins in the center of Plovdiv. but they dont know whose work is it...

info at the Plovdiv train station

Nightingale Hostel in Sofia - livingroom

a very nice cafe in central Sofia. behind a ...hmm, theater or church or something.

yet more ruins in Plovdiv. there was more than i could shoot.

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