September 07, 2011

pink and powdery

i found scented toilet paper in the grocery store. i chose the one with pink textures and powder scent. my privates will definitely like this :) i feel accomplished?

at work i was given the task of sort of accounting, managing the salaries and stuff. im so bad with numbers and money that i declined the accounting part strictly. i can write down the payments and things though although it is risky too, people are doing several jobs here and there and forgetting one out of the excel would lead to...well, late payments. i feel a bit depressed, like its just a matter of time when that will happen. being responsible for everything has its risks. i enjoy the varied tasks and new things coming up but, yea, risky.

i still havent found the perfect RSS reader app (for google reader, basically). ive tried them all. testing 4 atm.

meanwhile...other apps ive come across...

everyone already knows Pulse. but i feel happy just mentioning it. it's served me well for quick reading entertainment. smooth looking too.

Can't wait!
basically forcing movie promotion. very nice way to watch trailers, but then starts the promotion part. before u know it, pressing the "can't wait" button has tweeted on your behalf. embarrassing to find it later on twitter, "I can't wait to see XXX, how about you? LINK HERE" eww. and if i manage to pass the promotion part, it keeps offering to invite friends. the intro/info text of the movie is minimal. and then the hilarious "get tickets" button... opens a browser window and yadi yadi. im sure it works for NYC and London like the restaurant apps. nice and clean looking app but basically i feel it doesnt respect me at all. im sure movie producers applaud to it though...and they are the only ones.

horribly useless and boring. has nothing for Istanbul for example. well, that makes sense, it's just like, a big fuckin old city.

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