September 08, 2011

turkish fajitas

im annoyed i cant order the book F**k It as least it looks that way. its 2 0 1 1 and i cant buy an ebook??

doctor is going to Ankara a week before his exam, on the 16th. for a 1-week prep course or such. so ill be alone for a week then...:( yesterday he was looking for hotels to stay in. i saved the day by finding the perfect location & price. fast. i even keep amazing myself at how good i am at this; using the internet and making shit happen.

ive been thinking... im really learning a lot here in turkey. was a very good decision to come. ive become even more independent. and im much more self confident. all the obvious things. the working conditions are so different, but ive found so many new opportunities and gotten to do things that otherwise would have never happened. the whole HR business and managing people thing... aaand other work related conditions... they are teaching me lots. people are even commenting on it - that ive changed for the better in some ways. im sure they wont mention if ive changed for the worse tho :D

im really enjoying the british Apprentice. and life in general.

i guess i should be using skin cream more. as a cosmetologist i should know that, lol. but some of that stuff never got to me. its just that i dont need creams here. only in the winter. the few things ive bought are going to waste.

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