October 16, 2011

back to decoration!

we have had a home weekend...  lazy home weekend. didnt go out, except doctor last night for a few beers. i got tired early. we watched Code 46 before i headed to bed. i thought it was quite good and thought provoking - not awesome but good. doctor was less impressed.

what to do if you have a 10yr visa to United States but ur passport expires and u get a new one? staple the passports together. this is how we do it in Turkey.

Cig köfte dürüms in the making. nice snack, 3tl/1,2e. Cig köfte originally contains raw meat but the ones sold in these fast food places dont, as meat would go bad quite fast, its not safe. its just bulgur and something and something... i have no idea. quite spicy nevertheless. well i googled it, but the wiki entry mainly discusses the meat...

our weekend breakfast. boiled eggs, omelette, arugula, onion with sumac, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, bread, watermelon and cig köfte. i think its actually like a lunch...a very tasty lunch. a mix of european (scandinavian?) and turkish customs... i want my bread sliced, with margarine, toasted and with fresh, SLICED ingredients on top. and fresh onion. doctor wants many of the same things but in different forms. so we have an understanding on how to set the table.

we are finally thinking of going to IKEA and buying a bed frame for our mattress. the new 2012 range includes a wonderfully simple and cheap big bed; Engan Karyola. needs painting, obviously, i am not a fan of wood color. the bedside table is white so white would be the most obvious choice. but it would be nice to have some color...  we discussed red but then it will pretty much look weird in the otherwise mildly colored bedroom. maybe dark purple, like plum? we could also paint some of the bedroom purple? and we have a lot of purple sheets. maybe just colors that go WITH purple? brown does, but i hate brown. hmmmmm.

the shower mixer is leaking too, a lot :( well it was only installed in january, so it lasted for whole 10 months....heh. and its pretty sure the landlord wont fix it - although the law says he should but those laws are not followed. i think we should just invest in a good one and then take it with us when we leave. leaking taps are so common here...really pisses me off, a constant pain, always buying a new one or calling a guy to fix...  i cant remember seeing leaking taps in finland, like ever, so im thinking of investing into a good old Oras.

we put the kombi-gas heater on yesterday. its gotten that cold. 12-22C on an average day. the weather is bad too, rainy. i hope it gets better when Eufemia and Arttu come.

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