October 27, 2011


my Foursquare addiction didnt last very long. i am still checking in occasionally but not frantically. i found it to be antisocial (when around others) and perhaps just not that interesting in the long run.

i got a slight flu. but slight, just annoying me, nothing else. i would be happier sleeping at home of course but since my holiday starts in 2 days i pretty much HAVE TO get things ready. a lot of stuff to do, assign tasks to others and make sure things would run smoothly while im away. calculating payments to be made to freelancers while im gone...(important!) and so on.

i went to the iranian consulate yesterday. they had lost my reference number and couldn't process my application or something...  so now i have to wait until monday. a bit tight...  i might be a little upset if my visa is not there on monday. we just bought tickets for the train that leaves on tuesday (245tl/110e for 2 ppl, sleeping compartment). doctor checked that the railway passing Van - where the earthquake was - should be ok. last night i also reserved us flights back from Van, suddenly the prices had gone very low so im glad i waited. i wonder if this decrease is related to the earthquake...

next weekend is apparently halloween. americans are having halloween parties here so i counted 1+1... 

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