October 23, 2011

the party is slow

this morning something reminded me of doctors friend, a guy he ran into in Ankara. they met by chance at the airport in the evening, after the specialization exam. the exam takes place twice a year and only in Ankara, so on those days the city is infested with doctors aspiring to specialize. aaanyway so the friend had arrived to Ankara that very morning. then, he didnt actually go to the exam. why, i asked? because he was carrying his wallet etc in his pockets but those are not allowed in the exam room, and he couldnt think of a place to leave them. that's why he flew to Ankara and didnt take the exam he had paid for (60tl). hmmmmmm. the turks sometimes really amaze me. obviously he didnt care so much for the exam. it was just something he was supposed to do maybe, and he felt accomplished by the way he handled it i guess. i know it is a popular sport to go and take the exam without reading for it, which makes it virtually impossible to pass. its just a kind of a hobby to many.

today me and Eufemia went to a hamam. the women working there (massaging & scrubbing) had the same dress code as customers, in their bikini bottoms. Aziziye hamam is near our home and a quite local place. very nice and relaxing. the scrubbing leaves skin feeling very soft.

after hamam we went for a pedicure. we found a pedicure in a salon, and sat there surrounded by hairdressers.

all in all an okay day. after hamam, pedicure and a good luck i have been feeling just a bit lazy...  and we should actually leave soon to go get Arttu from the airport bus on the european side...

tomorrow i should leave work early as we are all going to Agva, small village north of istanbul. just to relax a little. 

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