October 09, 2011

weekends are too short

friday we went to see a movie, Killer Elite. standard action... nothing better was available. but im not complaining, it was well done. Jason Statham and Robert DeNiro make good stuff.

after the movie we had a sit on the terrace of Incir, 2 drinks... and then came home to work on our puzzle. and watch tv shows. very ordinary, nice life.

on saturday we slept until afternoon and then headed for the Prince's Islands. we got off at Burgazada island and spent a few hours there. but it felt like half a day at least. its so nice and quiet and relaxing on the islands that time runs very slowly. we sat in a restaurant, ate mezes... did nothing. later we went walking by the seaside and sat on a bench looking at the view. Istanbul in the horizon. its like looking at your life from the outside. petting kitties, following doggies. opening a bottle of wine. we enjoyed ourselves. then we took the last public transport ferry back (there are private companies running later too). it was so full we sat on the stairs.

Burgazada port seen from the ferry

Burgazada island

at the restaurant. mezes. 

we sat on the bench by the sea for quite a bit. it wasnt cold at all, no wind, and the view of istanbul was relaxing. 

the full ferry

kitties really love this book/antique shop.

doctor is working today so i have been alone. i met G├╝rkan for coffee and shopping. now im doing laundry in between internetting.

tomorrow is doctor's 32nd birthday! i didnt think of anything magnificent to give... maybe its not so important at this age anyway...? eh.

my new musical find is Zola Jesus (spotify link)

and the nearby grocery store didnt have sugarless lemonade anymore... they once had Camlica. after that they were selling Uludag Gazoz. not many on the shelf but anyway. and now they didnt have even that. of course im trying to think that the sugarless stuff just doesnt sell enough...  but it might not even be the case, whenever i went shopping, the shelf was always almost empty.

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