October 11, 2011


yesterday i arranged a surprise birthday party for doctor. well, parties on mondays are not the smartest idea but at least some people arrived. it wasnt a big event, just a few people, and a cake and some snacks and drinks.

i appreciated the ease of arranging this though. the bakeries always sell cakes, no need to order before hand. so i picked up  one, then stopped over in a fast food place, paid and asked them to deliver 10 lahmacun's in 30mins. then some wines and beers and i went home. made up excuses why i bought so much stuff. then the lahmacuns came and i pretented that was it. played some time while waiting for people to come.

the only downside was that i drank too much. its been a while since that happened. yet i woke up at 7:30am...  went to work. and then the hangover hit me. i suffered quite a bit. and the moral hangover is still there...

but i think it was a success. doctor was pleasantly surprised and everyone had a good time.

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