October 12, 2011

searching for new music

sometimes i am so busy at work i dont even remember to check facebook all day. and i realize at 2pm that i didnt order lunch. thats not good?

i didnt use airline memberships or bonus systems until moving to turkey. in finland, i was always using a different  airline, the price differences could be quite radical so i would not use an airline just for the bonus points. besides u have to fly quite a lot before its any use, really. so anyway, now that im going to finland occasionally with Turkish Airlines, i have their Miles & Smiles card. their customer service is a mess, every time. I just wrote them an email again to claim missing miles, I forgot to use my membership number when I bought the flight last summer so now i have to ask them manually to add the miles on my account. i wrote them an email, listing my membership number, the flight info and a scanned copy of my passport as I knew they want it. the reply?

Dear  Jenni ...
E-mail your message on flights are reported by our boarding cards to be processed, the Miles & Smiles membership number, please send ID or a passport along with your image.i>Thank you for  choosing Turkish Airlines on your flights. Kind Regards

Umm, what?? I just sent it all again.

Im supposed to cook tonight.

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