November 17, 2011

almost a headache

ive been tired since the return from the trip. somehow i didnt have enough time to rest... and yesterday iwent out with Senni and Melisa! didnt really help the matter...  yesterday my friend Maria & bf from finland arrived too,and i should meet them after work, go for dinner i guess...   i really would need to just lay on a couch and do nothing for awhile. when we got back, there was the water damage thing,which took a couple days to fix,and also superpupu-computer had fallen ill, with bacteria or virus or some malicious stuff... and it took like 3 days to fix her up, doctor (duh) managed to get her back on her paws and now shes hopping around the internets like new :)

at work, im doing 50 things at a time as usual, plus planning the office christmas party. i set it for december 16th.

after 3 days home i found myself innocently browsing at cheap flights from Anadolu Jet and Atlas Jet....hummm..

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