November 26, 2011


im wondering if the middle age and "working life" are creeping in... i feel like during the week i sometimes dont have time for stuff, like writing my blog. if friends ask about going out during the week, i sometimes decline, "early morning wake up, u know...".

doctor was accepted to Marmara University emergency clinic for specialization, so he will start his residency there soon. that was great news for us since it had been a big goal for quite some time. all the waiting is finally over. i feel  like this was team effort. need to celebrate on sunday when doctor returns home from work.

i was thinking of getting a haircut today but now i feel less motivated again...  its just going to turn out horrible. 

in the past few years, while traveling and living in this area, i met a lot of people whose biggest dream was to make it to europe or US. to finland for example. and they would ask me how to get to finland and if its 'easy' or if they could get a job there. i feel like the bad cop but ive said its not easy...  and not likely. from what i know, one should have quite specific professional knowledge about something in order to pass the finnish applicants for a job position...  and other than that, well, the doors are not exactly open. im a hope-crusher. i think i might have said that sweden is easier, try that.

my new favorite is lentil soup (mercimek corbasi). some lemon juice on top and its great.

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