November 30, 2011

everyday projects

i feel like the week has been busy so far... we had AirBnb-guests on monday, a nice american couple. and doctor's little brother came yesterday. today they are both going to Mersin. he will stay there for 4 i am alone for the rest of the week. the past days he was putting together a zillion applications, papers, CV, 24 passport photos (!!) and got a health report from 10-15 different doctors - not too complicated at all... and all this AFTER he is accepted to the ER clinic. this is just the "sign up" process. last night he was filling papers on what property does he have, if he has children (u get paid more for wife and children) etc... today he took the papers to some office and they told him that he will be notified 15 days before the program starts. but i hear he had it easy, those accepted to public hospitals (vs university hospitals, as his) have to go to Ankara with these papers for the sign up.

anyway im pretty excited about the whole thing.

the zipper of my new fabric-covered handbag broke only a few days after i bought it. still usable and i can fix it i think, but nevertheless disappointing. i ordered a bag from eBay which i am using now. Bench. i think it might be some kind of trendy brand. but its pretty comfy and i think ill use it for now - it fits the new coat. in the summer it might not work...

last sunday we went to the shopping center to get mea new winter coat. got this white padded long jacket. i guess it will serve me okay.

while at H&M i picked this shirt for doctor.

i went to Nautilus shopping center today to meet the english teacher that my friend got me connected to. i need one for my driving license retake. and i rather not trust in the "help" of the driving school who last time kindly provided me with a translator who didnt do so well after all. i needed copies of the ID, driving license (not really needed but the school decided to be difficult since i didnt wan another one of their "translators") and a notarized copy of the diploma. need to take them to the school tomorrow. a lot of hassle and work...

the fridge is full of mandarins. ive promised to eat them all by sunday.

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