December 01, 2011

caterpillars & pools

hmm. i was reading that the caterpillar sitting contest in finland was closed prematurely by the organizers. these 2 last guys were stubbornly sitting in their mini caterpillars to see, which one will give up first and who will claim fame and fortune. organizers decided after 6 months that its a draw... and both guys won a ....caterpillar! :)

there are a few public pools in istanbul. you have to apply first. there is a queue of a month or 2, and first when you apply, you get tested for HIV, hepatitis and something like that. the test is 20tl/8e. the application is 10tl. then if you are accepted, your membership is valid for 3 months. then u need to apply again. going to swim when u are a 'member' is free however. i guess if a city this size only has a few pools and they need to keep a certain level of hygiene etc, these procedures are necessary.

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