December 02, 2011

Friday Evening Memoirs

so what does Jenni do on a friday evening? laundry, internets and soup from a dry soup mix. what kind of a soup? jenni doesnt know cos she still doesnt understand turkish. but it looked okay in the picture.

a short article on current human rights issues in turkey
by Economist- i think at the end its summed up well;
The West does not seem to notice the steady deterioration in human rights in Turkey, instead extolling it as a model for the Arab spring. “Europe is too mired in its own problems and America needs Turkey for regional security,” shrugs a European ambassador in Ankara. It will fall to Turks themselves to battle for their rights—so long as they can keep out of jail.

i dont like looking from the peephole of a door. its scary.

CSI series is not supposed to be all real of course, with always nice looking victims and suspects (unless the total opposite), the fancy technology and crimes solved in a day or two. but what gets to me is how they all (more less) dress up expensive. suggesting that detectives and police have very good salaries. i doubt thats the case.

this bunny wants cuddles!! looking amazing.

i wonder if we should eat turkey at christmas. it might even be free range here.

like a boss!

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roland deschain of gilead said...

"free range", you wish but no. strangely, eating turkey at new year is becoming a tradition here. just another proof how messed up this country is.