December 08, 2011

from north to south

same old. thursday.

im doing the company website in turkish now, got the translation from a coworker and now im just clicking away... then next is norwegian. a bit easier from my perspective. but the danish still has bugs too.. so its a bit messy. but im working on it. i do like doing *something* with languages actually.

well im also doing a project for Arttu's company atm, a few days worth work. website testing again. ive developed a nice workflow pattern for it, logical and clear. i think it should definitely be part of my specialization. im thinking i should be a specialist of a a certain field and set of things, related to websites, projects, organizing and stuff. something like that. im thinking about it.

today i finally picked up the papers to study for my traffic exam. doctor translated and turns out we both learned a lot... i knew stuff and he knew stuff. but i think i got it covered now! triangles are warning, red circles mean no-go. a line across means the restriction is over. yeah, thats that.

Elisa & O are having a pre-christmas party on saturday, thats great. christmas time is party time. even if theres no christmas here.

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