December 10, 2011

2nd time is the charm

yesterday i went to a couchsurfing party here in kadiköy, my friends were going and invited me so why not. it was a 100m2 or so flat so full of people that it was really hard to move. but the mood was good and i liked it a lot. everyone was really social and i got to make new friends :) there was even a guy who had been studying finnish and honestly he spoke it quite well. and why? no reason, just out of interest.

this morning i had the driving license written exam again. it went fine now that i studied and my translator knew most answers too. the exam takes places at a school and they put us in an office/copy room with an 'observer'. to avoid cheating i guess. but she didnt speak any english. and then, when we were both struggling with a few difficult questions, the teacher (observer) was happy to tell what she thought was the right answer. checking afterwards, she was right. great.

there were the usual questions of "what should u do, when the traffic light is green?". then a few crossroads pictures, asking who can go first. turns out that with a 5min sparring of those the other night, i now know the rules better than doctor :) there were 4 traffic signs, all of which i recognized. the tough questions?
"on a narrow road, if a small truck and a tractor meet, who should stop and who goes first?"
"in which situation you cannot go reverse;
a) on a narrow road
b) one way street
c) when parking on a one way street
d) 2 lane road

i still have no clue.

there was also a question about which of the following is unecological;
a) trash
b) fire extinguisher

this time i studied the different license types, so i knew how to answer "what can you not drive with a B license?" (truck!)

tonight Elisa & O are having their pre-christmas thing so we are going there, ops, almost late now!

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