December 11, 2011


i like busy cities. and avocado. seems to be the season for that now, shops are full of avocados. i dont like mondays though, and one is coming up tomorrow :( so many things to do at work...

i installed the beta of Spotify premium that has the apps. so far im liking the Moodagent altho it could use some improvements (more moods, simplify interface). i was upset that despite of years and years of using, and having it linked to Spoty also, after starting the app it cant recommend any music yet, because i didnt listen to anything yet? hmm. yet it shows my most popular albums (=history). i googled and turns out its a bug and/or something they might or might not fix some day.

i also got Google music just out of interest. (for now the account must be created from within the US, by using proxy or something, then it starts working from abroad also). at the moment it seems to be for 'offline music' ppl, for mp3 owners. which is a bit backwards, google is usually in the frontline of making new stuff, or so i thought. my mp3's are from 2008 and before... since then ive been using Spotify. but uploaing 8000+ mp3's with our upload rate... or maybe the receiving end is slow too, but after 5 hours im at 215 songs uploaded. they will publish a new version

The Muppets and the Swedish chef: Pöpcørn

dinner last night at Elisa & O was delicious. reminded me we should cook steaks more often... and that i should maybe get some christmas decorations for dinner/party on 24th... might not be so bad to change the atmosphere sometimes.

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