December 11, 2011

what the funny red round thing

sugarfree red bull is on sale in Migros with the customer card. it was around 10tl for a 4-pack. a pretty good deal... so its come to this, i found myself checking customer discounts. at age 31. sugarfree red bull.

i dont like how this CSI NYC detective Taylor is so conservative and religious. they all are but he especially. its just sad. theres all these "interesting" cases to make the series...interesting i guess, with body modification, threesomes etc etc... and the CSI guys (and gals) are always raising their eyebrows and referring to freaks and whatnot. i guess that fits in the american cultural climate.

i was watching Enlightened and remembered how i went biking sometimes when i was like 10. in the roads near our home. i cant remember liking it very much, in fact. so why did i go biking? i guess it was okay. to kill time. but i definitely disliked going on family walking/hiking/nature trips with my fathers family. its hard to say afterwards if it was in fact somehow good for me, i see it but maybe it was. i guess if i had been left sitting home all those days i might have turned out different? but pushing my baby sisters strollers up and down hills (and the sceneries were beautiful i guess but i was 10 - i didnt care)... i found it uninteresting. i wasnt used to it, walks in the time.

i suddenly thought of cooking risotto. i googled recipes and ended up reading Jamie Oliver's "basic risotto recipe". i couldnt believe my eyes, i didnt even read all of it cos i got a headache. i pointed this out to Marianne, kind of blaming Jamie, but she then pointed out that risotto is not really an easy food to cook (properly). i was just thinking back to eating microware-meal risotto... which i gather is not real risotto then. anyway... i gave up on the risotto idea for now.

unrelated; there are so many vegetables i dont recognize.

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