December 27, 2011

hipster times

Portlandia is a crazy tv series. soo familiar, so....familiar. hipsters and more hipsters. wow. gotta love how close it hits.

i wanna go to Samoa one day.

this bunny looks amazing, posing and showing off the paws.

going to a waterpipe cafe on wednesday evening is not a bad idea. relaxing, chatting. i had my turkish study book with me and i attempted to learn something new with doctors help.

i want a perfect bed and awesome mornings.

its annoying to regulate heating because gas is so expensive :( we definitely turn it off for the night, but even so there is the question of managing the without as well. but the weather got quite cold in the past week, 3-9C, and it is reflected very precisely in inside temperatures too. and yet id say our building is pretty good and modern.

good deed of the day: donated to Wikipedia (wikimedia)

unsolicited spamming and marketing is a drag in turkey. somehow the pizza company gets your number and there is nothing you can do to stop them from texting or calling you about their offers. annoys the hell out of me. and today i got an sms for some shit iphone app, and a link to download it. wtf? i dont even understand what its about, but i got pissed. tmob (looks all fake and pretentious) is the maker of the app. i tried contacting them through the buggy contact-page but it didn't work out so i sent email. useless, i know. but i had to do SOMETHING.

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