December 26, 2011

pics from Iran, and the way there

Van "airport". heavily under construction.

center of Shiraz

old hamam turned into a cafe, in Tabriz
something old and important in Isfahan. very nice detail work. 

a home in Tabriz.
a hostel in Shiraz. 

Persepolis. impressive of course.

a meal in an iranian home

big fancy palace in Shiraz. Iran was full of old castles and things like this.

KFC copy in Isfahan.

center of Tehran

a very fancy looking restaurant in Isfahan.

restaurant car in train Istanbul-Tehran

pretty cool view from the plane window, above Van.

a camel :) man they are huge. and im afraid of heights.

sceneries...Iran is full of mountains and really cool looking terrain

me and scarf, sitting and admiring Persepolis in warm sunlight
Iranian home breakfast. beetroot-something, jam, tomatoes, bread, eggs..

switching trains at 1am after crossing lake Van with a ferry.

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