January 20, 2012


it's been over half-a-year with iphone. the registration process here made me almost regret buying from finland but as for the product i cant complain much...  of course it has its hiccups, maybe 2-3 times a month. spotify might shut down by itself. a couple times the browser seemed to 'be stupid'. as far as the general usability and whatever minuses i initially found, missing features and so, ive managed quite well. so overall im happy. finally.

these translation cartoons in "Mox's blog" are hilarious. i dont do much translation anymore, hmm, but as i work between clients and translators...these are more than familiar things. every day.

weekend! finally! doctor is working tomorrow but on sunday we can relax together...  and on monday we both have an early wake up as he starts his residency at the hospital. exciting times.

im drinking milk coffee almost every day now. at work. but not after 4pm - i need to sleep at midnight after all! ive become a good girl, sleeping 8h/night, eating (more less) healthy...:)


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