January 20, 2012


being that there was a 40 000 people demonstration out there today, just 200m from me (and i didnt hear a thing), expressing dissatisfaction on the Hrant Dink murder trial results...  well actually its not so related but here is a list of things i am thankful for. the world is a bad and sad place a lot of the time so i should be more appreciative.

1. im thankful for having a home, where i want and decorated as i want, with heating and the whole set

2. im thankful for the internets. it has affected my social life, hobbies, relationships and career path and everything. i guess everyone can say the same but its really blown me away and opened the world to me.

3. im thankful for friends (and why not family too), and to have someone loving by my side

4. im thankful for having good genes

5. im thankful for bunnies and kitties in this world because their existence makes my life better

6. im thankful for being more less healthy

7. im thankful for having a job and income and money in the bank

8. im thankful for having had the chance to travel a lot and see the world and people

i watched the new episode of Sherlock tonight. i liked the first season last spring so i was excited. but i was a bit disappointed. the beginning was messy, and then the main female character, strong and playful, outsmarted Sherlock. yay, i thought. and in the end, she turned out to be a lovesick fool that needed rescuing, by a man - Sherlock. what a pity. i googled my concerns and found this blog post in which Vida S explains the Irene Adler issue much better than i do

if  my skin sometimes feels dry, i use creams but also for a quick small fix i spray some Vitamin E face mist on (by Body Shop). i actually bought it from Helsinki once, for my mom, as a gift. she had dry skin. when she died, i picked up some of her things, like this one. brought it here with me. also i took her purple winter jacket. the colour suites me well. that was weird, going through her things. i had never imagined it.

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