January 01, 2012

from now on

i had promised to send Cagri a list of bands that i am willing to go see live. i am possibly the only person i know who is usually not interested in live concerts. i know its uncool. but with that said, this was the list i sent him;

anthony and the johnsons
florence + the machine
fever ray
richard hawley
zola jesus
nouvelle vague
the national

i read finns are increasingly marrying foreigners... which is only natural in these days of travel and internet etc... for men, the most common countries to marry from were thailand, russia and estonia. for women, UK, US, Sweden and -tadaa- turkey. i couldve said so without the statistics...

2011 was a year of domestic partnership & Home. we moved together september '10 but i feel like this year and the new flat was really the beginning... since we got the flat together and pretty much started from zero, buying furniture etc. it must have been also a year for me to settle to turkey more steadily, i am not ready to go back to finland yet... im thinking a couple more years, although doctors residency job had a 4 yr tag on it...ummh.

for 2012 i would like -once again - to stress less and enjoy more. id also wanna learn more turkish. and i wanna so some sports, before my body starts breaking to pieces completely. and i want to develop professionally, with web stuff, project management...im really looking into tapping to my potential. and then of course i want to enjoy my relationship and the feeling of loving and being loved. since things are so well, i should enjoy.

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