January 24, 2012

new recipes?

there is a new law that people on the expat forums are talking about. finding an official, reliable source is impossible of course.  based on all the different findings i have concluded the following: by the end of january, all residency permit holders (at least 1 yr but maybe less, too) that are not working, not covered by private insurance from their home country or by the insurance of their spouses are obliged to sign up for the public health insurance. whereas unemployed turks pay up from 34tl a month for this, unemployed foreigners have a more less standard fee that i have heard to range from 180 to 280tl. and still u dont have the right to work actually, work permit is another subject...  i admit i do find it a bit unfair. the system here seems to always be milking on the foreigners. we are cash cows. whats scary about this that no one notifies you of this change in the law, january just comes and goes and then you owe the government a fine of 886tl for not signing up. surely the system is so crippled and slow that the fine may never reach you or even be implemented but i personally dont want to take any changes...  so i should go to the SGK office in the next few days.

instead of 24h shifts, doctor found out that he is on 8-9h shifts - but we dont know for how long. and for a newbie it would be rude to ask. instead he should arrive early and leave late to show his dedication. so he is doing that now. and i found that i am the one first home and therefor in cooking duty! dammit.

friday iiiiiiiss VOTING TIME! AGAIN! sunday's results, and the amazing support that Pekka Haavisto  received on the first round just proved that miracles actual are possible - fuck! so, 2nd round means just repeating it. for the first time in my life (as far as i can remember) i donated to a political campaign (20e). i am in a completely ecstatic state, where i quote the campaign of the north american head of state by saying 'yes we can' and nod with a stupid smile on my face.

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