January 22, 2012

laundry title keeper

im really nervous about tomorrow - doctors new job/residency. mornings are not his forte, so to speak. and the shifts start at 8 (before my alarm!)...  we are not sure yet how long it takes by car at that hour, or by public transport, anything between 30 and 90mins...need to test.  and i think waking up at 6 to his alarm will prove to be a test for me too...   relationships are hard work!

the first 2 months (at least) he will have to work more, every 2nd day i guess (24h shifts)...  so theres another challenge. we wont be seeing each other much.

but at least (hopefully) things will stabilize. i need that. the 'knowledge' of what will happen in the near future. but in turkey such a 'state of calmness' might not exist anyway, i just imagine its coming, like the light at the end of the tunnel...  but it keeps slipping away.  

the 'plea' for Mattel to start producing a bald Barbie is idiotic. i understand the idea, but its still idiotic. from what i hear, Mattel made one bald custom Barbie for a little girl who lost her hair due to chemo. thats called a publicitiy stunt, to show 'good will'. but starting a whole product line, with its investments in design and marketing efforts etc...  and it would create loss for sure...  isnt that a bit much to ask?? hey guys could u pls make loss in one sector of your products, its for a good cause! cancer is common, but there is no way those dolls would sell much (enough). if a doll should educate little kids or girls about the realities of life, then how about a vaginal thrush Barbie? I am guessing every woman comes across an infection at least once in her life. probably twice. so a "Candida Barbie"  would fill its purpose as an educating tool im sure. but maybe dolls could be just dolls, huh?

purchasing power in europe 2011/2012.  interesting map. Norway is pretty...uhh, impressive.

Economist article on dual citizenships.

im also nervous about the elections today...  i think the 'pre-vote' results that are published at 8pm, will reveal the situation more less...

this song and video by Birdy are very nice;

we are having pizza for dinner tonight cos were too lazy to cook anything. ordered 1 big one from Little Caesar's. not a healthy choice but oh well.

i think ive done a laundry record today, 4 or 5 loads :)

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