January 14, 2012

shopping in the dark

i am listening to Flo Rida's Good Feeling daily. its catchy and supports...good feelings. the rap stuff is not my fav but the tune in general.

doctor is working today so i decided to arrange myself a pampering day. well, nail polish, scrubs, mask, general skincare and hairdye... etc. some of those could described as tasks one wants to put off, but actually i like all of it. i dont take much care of my skin in general though, which is amusing with my background. this winter my face has been really dry so i used both night and day creams. other than that i barely used any creams on my face since moving here. its just pretty stable so despite what cosmetics companies or educated professionals such as myself might say, i think there is no need to do anything. my scalp gets occasionally irritated (itchy) but i got this Wella lotion that helps for that. and for occasional dry moments on the body i have Watsons ('no name') baby oil, and some Body Shop moisture spray. so, very simple.

today it was snowing on the european side and raining on the asian. then around 1pm Istanbul (and nearby cities) had a power cut. trams, subway stopped. i was confused for a moment -without a computer- but then started working on Miss R's art project that she asked me to join in. then it was the perfect time to go out shopping. cash machine worked so i got money. McDonalds had the lights on so they must have their own generator. Istanbul is weirdly quiet and boring without electricity - i noticed. well, just compared to what it usually is.

shopping results. black, white, petrol and shiny metallic grey tights. 2 nail polishes - and those are cheap in turkey. toothpaste (pink!) for sensitive 'mouf'. Nivea's cheapo face mask. lipgloss. body scrub 'glove'. hair dye - its that time of the month. the power finally came back on. nice, its pretty damn cold these days.

i feel bad for doctor, after the surgery he is only eating liquid food. we just put food in the blender and thats his meal. as below...  i got steaks and a salad, and his is mush.

in a bar a while ago. they had peanuts and  the shells were to be thrown on the floor. they regularly brushed them off.

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