January 11, 2012

task: to allow myself t be happy

our latest home made cider didnt turn out so well, its like 2%. but well, its not bad.

i need to do my turkish lesson homework... got my nails done today. thank god. they were a disaster, i havent had the time to go lately...

i was chatting wit Karri and Selim online tonight.

Friday is voting day. need to go to the consulate to vote in the Finnish presidential election. Haavisto it is, no doubt. for president, im looking for someone to represent my country and our values, someone to get along with other leaders and someone to bring the people of the country together by being on everyones side in a way... doesnt hurt to be known for crisis management in war-ridden countries, finnish peace negotiators and their skills in understanding different sides without taking sides is known worldwide. and i certainly want a liberal president. being gay is just a positive image thing, but otherwise doesnt matter.

fun english pronunciation task

'masturbation world champion' - what a fellow

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