February 19, 2012

first world

something I wonder about is the smell that clothes acquire in use. i don't sweat much so especially in the winter I can use the same shirt for several times before its due washing. assuming I don't spill food on it which does happen surprisingly often... anyway, after a day or several, a shirt will have that familiar sweaty, dirty smell. but through my life I have come to notice that this does not apply to sleep wear. I don't normally wear clothes when I sleep but in Istanbul the winter affects room temperatures in a gruesome way... and our blankets are not so warm... I could swear that the clothes I sleep in do not start to smell bad. possibly ever, but instead of finding out, I do wash them regularly. I actually think they smell good... is this some weird psychological thing?

today is hair dye day. and it was supposed to be ice cream day. i was yearning from some ice cream but after going out shopping and returning with a package of ice cream, i dont want it anymore.  i also bought chocolate which i found to be bad. turkish chocolates really are not to my taste. they are horrible. i should stick to the import stuff. but i dont buy sweets often. maybe every 2 months. i lost interest a few years ago. i do love Haribo's gummy bears though.

regarding hair dye...  its so bloody cold here despite the heating that i *really* dont feel like undressing. instead a HOT shower (one of those that make my skin turn pink) would be awesome. complicated. my fingers are freezing, but my roots are showing too. i wonder how a starving african with HIV would comment my problems?


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