March 08, 2012

reporting just before falling asleep

something ive learned: don't send txt messages from the toilet, until ur finishing up, as the person might call u back right away. the cold echo of a bathroom can reveal the location to the caller, even if there aren't 'other' sounds.

I'm buying strawberries these days, but it's an odd combo with the chilly & rainy weather. I should move to Alanya?

In turkey u can pay anyone's phone/electricity etc bill, online or in the shop (without getting the invoice info from the person). this might be a necessity brought on by big family sizes and long working hours, OR just random whatever who cares who pays. I'm wondering how often u find ur water bill paid by a stalker?

this morning, minutes after getting on the ferry I started sneezing. and it continued and continued and water was running from my eyes and I was lucky to carry several packs of tissues with me. I felt like those times that I brushed my face into a cat, or worse. when i got off the boat, I still felt like sneezing, but I didn't. slowly the irritation in my eyes and sinuses went away. in 15mins I was fine. wtf????? does the ferry serve as a bedroom for cats in the night or what is going on! im not allergic to parfumes, I think, I've used tons.


Mr. Lee said...

Never had a stalker pay my electricity bill, but there is hope for it one day!

Your not alone in the mass sneezing attack on the ferries btw.. not allergic to cats either ( have 2 ) but have had sneezing fits on them previously. Usually Kadikoy to Eminonu though..

jenni said...

really? sneezing attacks on ferries happen to others too? very weird, this requires research...