March 27, 2012

well planned is almost done

so now the washing machine is saying 'no'. unfortunately the washing machine doesnt seem to have a reset system like the kombi. its my/our 2nd  washing machine in 2 years. wasnt working so great to begin with but now its refusing to function completely. and doctor is sleeping.

also the water pressure went down oddly the other day. i cant think of a 'water machine' that we have to replace but im sure something is broken and we have to pay for it. in turkey landlords have practically no responsibilities. im pissed.nothing works and u have to fight for everything. sucks up energy.

ill order a hamburger for dinner, jump on my bike and watch Californication. and drink the 660ml cider that had appeared in the fridge (doctor found from somewhere apparently)(weird, i need to hear the story).

and an hour later ill wake up doctor, spoil is waking time with the problems, make an avocado salad, have shower and then we'll both go to sleep early.

tomorrow i'll start the fight for the new washing machine.

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