March 27, 2012

let's try again tomorrow

what an awful day at work. I was so busy and stressed I could have just exploded all the same.

hmm, my English phone keyboard has learned to suggest 'alko' ( the finnish alcohol monopoly) when I write 'all'. and I am not going to alko much, here, so it's interesting.

last night the kombi broke = no heating, no hot water. looked like we would need a visit from the service, when doctor came home tomorrow. but I went and googled the manual and had a friend help me to translate the critical sentence - and voila. the kombi is fine. then I assembled the bloody excercise bike, seemed like it would take some time before InterSport would get their ass over here and do it. 2h and one cut later it was ready to go. I'm my own hero today.

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