March 23, 2012

halloumi salad maybe?

ive been supposedly busy. i guess i just had nothing to say.

doctor has 2 days off now. highlight of the month. so ive cancelled turkish classes and everything else in order to spend time together.

today we went shopping to Optimum. bought an exercise bike, since it looks like we are not going to get those gym memberships...anytime soon anyway. it was disappointing that we couldnt just grab it and carry away, they will send it with a delivery company in about 3 days. argh. i got so upset. i am like that when i don't get what i want. plus the service was rude (linking to Intersport where we bought the bike)

for dinners lately i have been having tantuni, Quarter Pounder hamburgers, chinese (noodles) and lentil soup. and the corner kiosk finally had SUGARFREE Red Bull and on sale out of all things! i bought a 24-pack. (2,5tl/1,2e each).

sugarfree reminds me of all the recent stuff about how aspartame is soooo bad, practically kills you, and sugar is so nice and natural. well i have no input into the discussion but when i grew up, sugarfree stuff was new and 'IN' and i grew into it, and if i die of aspartame, well i think there are worse ways to go, really. pure sugar is just a turn-off for me. but so is salt. i dont use either in any cooking. and suddenly my claim of not being a great cook sounds much more believable.

on saturday im inviting a few friends for a yemeksepeti dinner. which is a dinner where we order the food from yay. although mow i am thinking i could make a simple salad perhaps...

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