April 14, 2012

paypal disappointment

friday evening i met Elin for dinner and white wine. when the temperature rises above 15C i switch red wine to white. thats how it is. later i went to Teacher's and Hera to see friends. but i came home early. and slept until 11...  but then got straight to laundry and tv.  doctor came home at 12. he didn't sleep enough on tuesday and thursday so today he wants to sleep all day and night without interruption until morning. we exchanged a few words, i lied next to him in bed waiting for him to  fall asleep. and now i tip toe around  with freshly painted toenails and wait for my sushi lunch delivery.  i got no plans for the day yet.  a movie and some grocery shopping. hair dye. need to do all these 'little things' to not let myself slide back into what i was really born like, lol. polish, dye, bleach, removal, nip and tuck and all that.

Sabrina was definitely my first childhood idol. i remember it well. her hit Boys was on tv and the Finnish youth magazine Suosikki had a poster of Sabrina that i put on my wall.

i was watching a documentary on Irish gypsy weddings. it talked about how girls should be careful to not bring shame on themselves and their family, and behave accordingly before getting married. but they get usually married as early as possible, 16, so not much time to fool around anyway? also, women are not expected to provide for themselves so upon marriage the groom inherits the responsibility of the girl from her father. at the wedding men and women are sitting separately. does it sound like a religion we all know??

anyway, paypal has limited my account, i noticed upon trying to buy something. it looks like something do with complying to EU-regulations.

Ok, and waiting for a response from me?? fine, i click resolve and get to a page as below:

it's all green, what am i supposed to do?! there is only a link to go back to my account. its a full circle. besides, indeed i recognize all the items and have done them a few years ago. i sent them an email on the 11th, and it says i should receive a response latest in 72h. guess not. so i sent one again today, but im already getting desperate. then reading horror stories from sites like screwpaypal.com dont exactly get my hopes up...   i guess as they are a company they can just do whatever and hold and keep your money? being such a big international company im surprised they have a customer service phone line open mon-fri 8-17 only. great service...

so did paypal have any competitors, i find myself wondering... there better be something, im pissed.

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