May 21, 2012

House Marathon Monday

the weekend felt a week due to my days off and enjoying time with Arttu. he left today so the rest of monday is just for me me me.

first i ordered a breakfast, check.
then watched Apprentice while internetting, check.
went out to get a haircut, check.
started cleaning...almost check...

i am always super disappointed with the hairdressers here as they dont bring my vision to reality, but i really wanted a haircut before starting holidays and Senni was not available now so i decided to go out and try my luck again. i was trying to find a posher place in hopes that they would have more educated hairdressers, but there really arent any near our place. so once again i stumbled into one of those 15tl/6e places where the fake leather couches are red, turk pop is playing loud and clear and the 25 yr old lads are eager to cut some hair. it is weird that 95% of hairdressers are 20-35 yr old men, really. never had a female hairdresser in turkey. anyway, i had a picture on my phone this time for reference and he did just that, i am HAPPY with the result!

phone photo voilá:

i was unhappy Clay Aiken didnt win Apprentice, he was the best candidate in my opinion.

i should buy sunglasses for this summer.

chinese for dinner. 

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