May 24, 2012

a tourist among tourists

these Italian folks have built some pretty cool things, I'm impressed.

I knew I'd be coming to a place full of tourists but the first impression was still kind of oh no. but, I'm just like everyone else here, a tourist. in the very center where I enjoyed my first meal right after arrival, I saw more tourists walk by than locals. by far. but damn the pasta was good and wine too. sun is a bit too hot but what the hell, I'm on vacation.

I've quickly noticed lack of wifis which is sad. the service is good and prices decent. i havent noticed any restaurant screwing with the bill, and free snacks with drinks remain free. yesterday i only got sparkling wine in a restaurant but they gave sandwiches on the side.

but the men behave badly. cat calling, loud comments and approaching occurs all the time.

on the first night i went out with 2 American girls from my hostel dorm room. we headed to the bar district and enjoyed good wine and atmosphere in the center of Rome. today... time will show.

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