May 29, 2012

asparagus pasta? why not, im sure i could do it

rome is like a giant museum. i wonder how the homes are inside and how many people live in the center, it seems too filled with old things to fit any people in. i like what i see but i wonder how it is for living. i dont see signs of life.

friday night a local deviantart member, SidneyRome, took me to an award winning (but not expensive) pizzeria and then to a labyrinth-like nice bar area (travastere). on saturday night i ended up in the suburbs at a club where a group of middle-aged friends had arranged an 80s birthday party. that was something, i congratulated myself in finding myself there. it was SydneyRome and his friends so the thanks goes to him though.

i enjoyed sparkling wine like it was last day on earth, and bacon didnt escape me either. but overall  i really enjoyed the all the food. fast food, appetizers, everything was heavenly. even a salad in a cafe was tasty and well done.

service varied from good to bad, on average it was a little on the minus side. coming from finland i dont need big smiles or so but some basic politeness was often lacking. i guess they just get too tired of the tourists. street sellers are aggressive but in sure that's the same for any super touristic location.

i couldn't find real supermarkets or grocery stores besides the mini Spar at the railway station. maybe they are not allowed, all the buildings are so old they only fit small shops really... i dont know if that could be the reason, but i wonder where the locals shop - i went around enough, with my eyes open - to notice the food stores were really lacking.

shopping: my budget was happy but i was disappointed. really, i went to the shopping street (via corso) but whenever i thought i saw some underwear it was bikini (and i never found underwear in the whole city). getting a t-shirt from Zara or H&M? no, they dont sell any of those things, just fancy dresses and beach wear. this is the first time ever that H&M has disappointed me. needless to say i didnt go crazy on the billion designer stores, Gucci and the others...  but the lack of 'normal' clothing stores was really a downer. even Mango was small and...  well, i didnt buy anything. Sephora and Etam underground of the railway station saved my trip. and shoes? isnt Italy famous for shoes? if the designer shops dont count, i only saw Camper and other high quality but Birkenstock-inspired shops...  1 inch cork heels, probably comfortable and priced around 100 euros.  

and speaking of comfort my feet are killing me now. of course. all the standing and queuing today the at airport was like an icing on the cake, my feet were on fire. i didnt walk so much obviously, i took public transport and then made some short rounds, but nevertheless, what a painful few days. but it felt like a week, so overall i think i relaxed well and it was worth going.   now im inspired to cook pasta again, more and imaginative recipes...

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