May 04, 2012

when o when

interesting times. i went to Ola's (employee at the company) cafe with some co-workers today. just for coffee(and a tasty 'gypsy toast' - apparently Ola's invention)...but then somehow from there we went to a bar in Cihangir and one wine turned into another. we had a good time. i could say that people will have hard time showing up at work tomorrow but we left at like midnight after just 3 drinks so its not that bad. we are just getting old.or just me. i get really tired by midnight on weekdays.

for 2 days now ive been close to buying flights to finland, but there are some considerations and things and its just hard!! end of may? beginning of june? also i hate that i have to go alone, without doctor. his first vacation will be in September. but he is lucky to get any in the 1st year. this is turkey.

i am quite content and happy watching this bunny eat salad.

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