May 09, 2012

ordered some more shoes from eBay

on saturday i ended up watching "My Strange Obsession" episodes on YouTube . people eating tape, cleaning powder and cushion foam etc. the dude that has a relationship with his car, is interesting, and what surprised me is that he refers to the car as a he, not a she. but, so, okay. they are cute together. there are plenty of eating related fixations, fabric softener, gasoline, dirt... 

saturday evening i went out for some mezes & dinner with friends. and sunday was dedicated for relaxing. i actually went to Bagdat street with Serra, we sat in cafes mainly, enjoyed the great weather.

the weather is permanently good now. in the morning as i went to work it was around 20C.

shoes that i painted part pink. and then concluded that they dont fit on me anyway (had not bother trying them on earlier). so, nice shoes. size 37 ;)

there is a nice cafe on the bar street where i went for coffee with Cansu the other weekend,. she was wondering about her phd or something, the topic, human rights, culture, terrorism and something...along those lines. 

this is a nice shop...  lotsa colorful and nice semi-hippie cotton clothes and leather bags.

about a week ago i was coming home from the bar street and thrn stopped over at Pelin's cafe, for some reason the lights were still on late at night. she was there playing Trivial Pursuit with Ece. i got myself a drink from the next door tekel (a 350 ml bottle of organic rose wine)  and joined Ece's team. i knew quite a few things but in the end Pelin's team won :(

i bought a new ring. 

below one of the MANY restaurants that have a lot of pictures on their walls. and not just any picture,  but photos and paintings of the beloved Atatürk. its not even odd to have a whole restaurant covered with photos of this one man. 1 photo is a must if you are a reputable company, a few extra wont hurt and this many show dedication. this restaurant near our home has a fish market outside so u can pick your dinner from there.

if you eat mezes (turkish appetizers) at a restaurant, its not uncommon to get fruits at the end as a dessert kind of.  this plate is from last saturday.

in Taksim, a fancy hotel and a fancy restaurant/bar in the lobby... (TXM people's). i had a tomato soup that was inside a big round bread...

in other news, Senni and her friends saved a kitty and her 4 babies from an evil wit...woman. long story, but the lady had locked the kitties in the closet for 2 days without food or water. so saving them was...  basically the right fucking thing to do. all in all what i have heard lately about turkish people's pet care is not really impressing me...  but the kitties are so pretty!!! i wanna go see  them soon. they are angora and mostly white..kittyyyy....

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